Our Vodka – an Authentic French Vodka

LeSin Vodka is France’s Sexiest Vodka that is 100% sourced and produced in France. Our deluxe wheat and spring water are signature ingredients that genuinely represent the region and country.

Charente is one of 101 departments (regions) in France. Pristinely situated in western France, Charente is the northern half of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The region gets its name from the Charente River, the most important river in the department. The Charente River has the two largest towns along its banks in the region: Angoulême and Cognac. Both the water and the terroir are ideal for producing vodka. The water is artesian and smooth with a subtle sweetened from the layers of fine earth that filters the water into the Gensac Spring. The terroir is rich in nutrients and is the perfect soil to grow deluxe wheat and other products. Together, you have the ideal ingredients to make an ultra-premium vodka.

While using 100% authentic French sourced water and wheat are crucial, LeSin Vodka™ also exclusively uses French suppliers for our silk labels, boxes/cases, cork tops, and sexy bottles with a subtle hour-glass shape. Perhaps the most critical French element is our distillery and chief distillery master. LeSin Vodka™ is distilled in the heart of Cognac France, along the banks of the majestic Charente River. Our chief distiller comes from a family of distillery artisans dating back several generations. The passion the entire LeSin family in France puts into every aspect of our vodka, from supplies thru production and bottling, is a truly French experience.

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